Intervention is perhaps the greatest signal of love and commitment that a person can send to a loved one battling drugs and alcohol. The goal of the intervention is to get the individual who is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse to accept professional help at a professional treatment facility. It demonstrates to an individual battling addiction that there are caring and concerned people in their lives who are genuinely interested in seeing them get the help they need and reclaim their lives.

While the organization of an intervention is a noble pursuit, the process often falls apart without professional assistance due to logistical difficulty, excessive emotion and deeper-rooted family issues. Seaside Palm Beach believes that all roads to recovery start with a request for help, and provides expert intervention services to families and loved ones of individuals battling addiction and substance abuse.

The Importance of Professional Interventionists

A professional interventionist is licensed, trained, and highly experienced in conducting this delicate process. Anyone who has attempted to confront a person suffering from alcohol or drug addiction knows how difficult it can be to even get that person to admit that they have a problem. A professional interventionist will help organize the meeting, select group participants, arrange treatment and make sure the process goes smoothly. They will also moderate the meeting to keep it from devolving into a display of name-calling, judgment and family squabbling. They are detached and objective professionals trained in addiction care outreach and conflict resolution. Most interventionists are in recovery themselves and understand the long and complicated road that addicts have to travel on their quest for help.

Helping You Gather the Courage to Help Your Loved One

Seaside Palm Beach recognizes that family history and pre-established relationships often get in the way of doing what’s best for your addicted loved one. Our images of our loved ones before they fell victim to substance abuse often cloud our judgment and derail our attempts to have frank and honest discussions with them about their need for help. At Seaside Palm Beach, we will help you articulate to your addicted friend or family member the extent to which their drug or alcohol abuse has impacted your relationship and develop lasting and meaningful consequences should they choose to reject your offer of treatment.

Each group member will write and read aloud a personal essay giving a detailed account of how and when their loved one’s addiction negatively affected them. After the intervention has concluded, an offer of treatment is extended. Should patients agree to accept help, our professional interventionist will provide transportation to treatment and help safely guide them into their program. We have helped hundreds of families heal by getting the help they needed for their addicted loved one. The one thing to remember is that time is of the essence.

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