Executive Treatment Programs

photo of the seaside palm beach business center for their executive treatment programsExecutive Treatment Programs for High-Level Professionals: Executives and other high-level professionals are certainly not immune to the problem of substance abuse, but their special drive and ability to power through obstacles can often make them, and those around them oblivious to some of the early warning signs of addiction or abuse. This can result in them falling quite deeply into the spiral of addiction before they seek help. Because they have triumphed and overcome difficulties in their chosen field, they may feel invulnerable or simply unwilling to admit that they may need help in overcoming substance abuse. Also, they may feel that enrolling in treatment may negatively affect their business and employees.

At Seaside Palm Beach, many of our patients have spent their lives developing their careers, putting in the hours and climbing the corporate ladder to increase their success. They’ve worked incredibly hard, often enduring an inconceivable amount of stress in their pursuit of professional advancement. We recognize that executives are indispensable assets to their organizations and that they need to keep their finger on the pulse of daily operations. They’re often responsible for the livelihood of their staff and need to maintain a grasp of what is going on in their company.

illustration of businessman's hands typing on his laptopOur executive treatment programs allow patients to work during their recovery via laptop or tablet any time they are not in treatment. This helps them to stay focused on their recovery, while staying a relevant and instrumental part of their organization. Allowing patients to maintain their career activity during treatment mitigates the possibility of professional set-backs and subsequent relapse once they leave our facility.

Patients can work in their residences or take advantage of our fully operational business center to communicate with colleagues, send and receive correspondence, conduct research, etc. Seaside Palm Beach understands the impact that substance abuse can have on our patients’ careers, and helps them adhere to their professional obligations while in treatment. This enables the executive or high-level executive to get the treatment they need without having to worry about their professional responsibilities being neglected. This approach can also help them seamlessly re-integrate into their full-time professional life post-treatment with a renewed focus and enthusiasm.