Luxury Detox at Seaside Palm Beach

Luxury Detox at Seaside Palm Beach

The First Step Towards Recovery

Seaside Palm Beach’s luxury detox program was designed to safely and effectively guide patients through this critical first phase of treatment. The process of detox involves the expulsion of all addiction-related chemicals from a patient’s system so they are able to start rehab with a clear head and renewed energy. We administer safe and compassionate luxury detox from drugs and alcohol in a sterile, comfortable, and supportive environment. Patients are monitored around the clock by doctors and nurses who are specially qualified to mitigate withdrawal symptoms and address any medical emergencies. It’s so important to undergo a detox with the proper medical resources as complications can very easily occur, and our patients deserve the very best luxury detox for their recovery.

The Seaside Detox Difference

Our luxury detox program is administered in a designated area right on campus, relieving patients of having to travel offsite for different phases of treatment. Many facilities are not licensed to perform detoxification at their own facility, and must have their patients detox elsewhere before they can start rehab. Our program, on the other hand, is fully staffed with qualified medical personnel to administer the entire process to ensure a safe detoxification experience. A detox at our facility is not only the best luxury detox, but it is a true medical detoxification with comprehensive medical support.

Quality and Safety You Can Feel

The medical and clinical staff that welcomes you to our facility will remain with you through the course of treatment. We recognize that patients are extremely vulnerable during their detox period and place an extremely high importance on their comfort and continued positivity. Every effort is made to diminish withdrawal symptoms and keep patients focused and energized toward their recovery. We even offer medication-assisted detox to qualifying patients.

Seaside Palm Beach knows that if a patient can’t make it through detox, they will not be successful in the rest of their recovery. We have created a program geared toward patient comfort and compassionate withdrawal symptom management. The safety and trust of our patients comes before anything else; and perhaps nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly than during the ever-crucial detox process.

Our Every Resource at Your Disposal

Any rehab facility, luxury or otherwise, that promises you a painless detox is lying. The unfortunate truth is no detoxification will ever be entirely pleasant. Our patients consistently achieve remarkably high completion rates mainly because of our ability to make them safe and comfortable during the detox process–this is the best for which any patient can hope.

Seaside Palm Beach boasts an exclusive detox facility, discreetly settled next to the Atlantic Ocean. Well-appointed, semi-private suites offer two bedrooms, a lounge area complete with kitchenette, and a 42” flat screen TV. Luxury high-end bedding and linens ensure that you do not compromise your personal standards during your journey to complete wellness. Our housekeeping and laundry personnel keep your living space spotless and inviting. You won’t be able to find these amenities elsewhere and this is the perfect place to begin your recovery journey.

Seaside Palm Beach offers massage therapygourmet food and more to alleviate the physical pressures of detox. We provide 24-hour nursing care and daily visits with expert medical staff to ensure that you heal in an environment conducive to your overall wellness.

If you are suffering from any type of alcohol or drug problem and are looking for the best luxury detox available today all in one convenient location, please call or email us right now, toll-free 24/7 at (888) 997-3274.