Spiritual Programs of Recovery

Spiritual Recovery Program

Faith and spirituality have been the foundations for incredible healing and recovery for thousands of years. However, science-based approaches to the treatment of substance abuse and mental illness have often found it difficult to quantify or measure the impact of spiritual programs on the process of recovery.

illustration of one circle labelled spirituality and another circle labelled science and where they overlap is labelled healingSome of this is due to a reluctance for “hard science” professionals to even examine the impact of of spiritual influences as they view them as outside of the realm of scientific inquiry. Even among those researchers willing to explore the connection between spirituality and health, it can be difficult for them to design studies that generate quantifiable data that can be repeated and tested in later work.

Recently, however, numerous studies have been conducted that illustrate an important role for spirituality in substance abuse and mental health treatment.

A number of studies, including an in-depth series of studies conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, have shown that the concept of mindfulness can be a very effective component in the treatment of disorders as varied as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and even chronic physical pain. This concept is found in many religious or spiritual traditions, although it is often known by different names such as meditation, prayer, or trance states.

Researchers published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion have even developed a quantifiable “Spiritual Transcendence Index” that measures the centrality and importance of spirituality in individuals’ lives, enabling them to explore how spirituality affects other aspects of their health. 

Using this index, researchers have determined that spirituality buffers the adverse effects of stress on the individuals studied. This alone could account for a positive impact of spirituality on overall health as stress has been shown to play an important role in the onset and perpetuation of many physical and mental disorders.

Seaside’s Spiritual Programs for Addiction

illustration of a generic figure meditating while sitting crossed legged with arms outstretched to the side

Our spiritual programs at Seaside Palm Beach seek to give patients an extra tool, ally and source of inspiration in the fight against addiction. We offer both Christian, non-denominational spiritual therapies, incorporating regular religious services, scripture readings and group counseling. Getting closer to God and building spirituality can help provide you with long-term assistance in relapse prevention and continued success in recovery.